To apply for any job opening please send a resume and cover letter to:

ARI of Connecticut, Inc.
174 Richmond Hill Avenue
Stamford, CT  06902
Attn: Human Resources

You can also E-mail your Resume to Jolene Mazzeo at or Fax your Resume to: (203) 324-3949. Please do not call directly about job opportunities.

The following is a list of current openings. Be mindful this page is updated on a monthly basis so it is possible that some of the vacancies listed may have recently been filled.

Non-Management Positions

Residential Counselor

Description: The Residential Counselor implements the various aspects of the residential program with an emphasis on working with the residents in a “hands-on” capacity within a group home or apartment setting.

Key responsibilities include but not limited to: Supports the residents’ efforts to plan and carry out their daily routine, social/recreational activities and events, etc.  Support the residents’ efforts to meet the various demands of daily living including meeting basic health and medical/nutritional needs, attending to the area of personal hygiene and general appearance, responsible handling of personal finances, individual and shared living areas, use of leisure time, etc.  Actively seeks “teachable moments” throughout the workday with each of the residents to encourage an atmosphere in which natural learning occurs on an on-going basis.

Qualifications: Bachelors degree OR Associates degree in related field OR HS Diploma with at least 2 years experience in a social service field.

The following positions are available:

  • Part Time Awake Overnight: Thursday 11:00pm – 9:00am, Friday 11:00pm – 7:00am, and Saturday 11:00pm – 7:00am; 26 hours/week 
  • Part Time: Saturday and Sunday 7:00am – 3:00pm; 16 hours/week
  • Part Time: Saturday and Sunday 3:00pm – 11:00pm; 16 hours/week