Individualized Home Support Services 

ARI’s Individualized Home Supports Services are designed for those individuals who are generally able to live independently, but require some assistance in order to do so. Many individuals living in group homes, or with families, develop the skills to be able to live on their own.  Those who have the necessary skills can opt to live in their own apartment or house.  

The feeling of ownership and independence is inborn, and is equally as strong in people with disabilities. We recognize that these individuals still need assistance, but also that they must be given the opportunity to enhance their skills in order to live on their own.

We currently serve over 20 people living in their own apartments throughout the Stamford area. We work with each individual to increase their independence and to assist them in developing an active role in their community.

If you would like more information about our Residential services, call Patrizia Scialis, Director of Residential Services, (203) 324-9258, ext. 3018 or e-mail Patrizia at [email protected].

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