Employment Overview

We offer assistance to individuals interested in gaining employment as well as those who have been out of the workforce for a period of time and would like to return to competitive employment.  We are an employment resource to both employers and job seekers. ARI tailors the support provided to meet the individual’s specific needs.

Our main objective is to assist the person with identifying, obtaining, and maintaining employment. The person will meet with a qualified employment specialist who can assist with specific job seeking needs. Our staff are available to provide any or all of the following, based on the individual’s specific needs and desires:


Career Planning

If the individual is unsure of the type of job or career path he or she wants, ARI can help the person come to some conclusions through the career planning process. One of the first steps in the process is a team meeting to brainstorm about the ideal job. This includes things like the types of people with whom the individual works best, the types of settings the person prefers, and possible job options. It’s a great way for the individual to get to know him/herself better and focus in on the best job match.


Job Seeking Skills

Once an employment focus is determined, participating in job seeking skills training can be very beneficial, particularly if the individual has been out of work for a long period of time or just needs a refresher on the process of searching for a job.

Job seeking skills training can involve:

  • Creating a resume
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Problem solving strategies/options for handling specific disability issues


Situational Assessments

Many times people have several areas of interest for employment. If this is the case, and the individual is not sure which direction to move in, ARI can provide opportunities to explore different options by participating in situational assessments. This involves spending time and actually working at one or more job sites and getting a taste of the job, to gauge the level of interest. This can be a great way to explore a career path that may not have yet been experienced.


Job Development

Once a person is referred for job development services, he/she will meet regularly with an ARI employment specialist who will assist with the job search. Job development can include assisting with following up on leads in the newspaper, completing job applications, registering with the state job service, and going on interviews. ARI staff will assist with completing a job placement plan designed to meet the individual’s specific needs.


On The Job Training

Once employed, an ARI staff person will provide on the job training and assist with strategies for maintaining employment, if needed.

For more information, contact Cliff Beauleau, Manager of Employment Services at (203) 324-9258, ext. 3035, or e-mail Cliff at [email protected]

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